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Hoedspruit, South Africa's wildlife haven, is surrounded by impoverished communities that are overlooked when it comes to veterinary services. In 2016 HALO (Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach) established an outreach program together with the tribal office and a community member. Soon, more communities followed and currently HALO reaches out to eight communities surrounding Hoedspruit; Manoutsa, Tswenyane, The Willows, The Oaks, Mulalani, Sekororo, Moraba and LeBoeng (California), all impoverished communities where owners struggle to provide adequate care for their animals.

All communities are visited once a month by a group of volunteers who offer free medical care and education to owners. 

By vaccinating domestic animals in these communities we also help in preserving wildlife populations of lion, wild dog, hyena and leopard that are present in the reserves around the rural communities. 

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