Here are some great news updates and HALO success stories for you! 

Tickbite Fever



South Africa has been blessed with an amazing rainy season this summer. The landscapes are lush and green but unfortunately with all this green comes a lot of ticks and flees. Bites from ticks can result in  Tickbite Fever, which is a real risk for our community dogs and can make them very sick; they suffer loss of appetite, fever, stiff joints and lethargy and in extreme cases seizures. Untreated, most dogs will die. Fortunately Tickbite Fever is very treatable : the cure is a 28-day antibiotic treatment and sometimes a drip for dehydration and malnutrition. 


Under normal circumstances we treat all the community dogs for ticks during our monthly outreaches; the dogs will be “ dipped’ or treated with a spot-on. Unfortunately, due to lockdown HALO is not able to do monthly outreaches so we can only respond to emergency calls by dog owners. We have received dozens of emergency cases of Tickbite Fever this season and have been a little overwhelmed with sick dogs. BUT we are happy to report that all of the dogs we took in, have been successful in treatment and all have returned back home happy and healthy.


A Tickbite Fever treatment including blood smear, month’s stay at camp and transport to the owner costs HALO approximately R 1100 per dog. Summer is not over and neither is the lockdown so more cases are expected. We appreciate any donation to cover the medical bills for our Tickbite Fever patients.

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Fundraising for HALO

Reading all the positive stories you may have picked up that our efforts require a lot of funds. The care we give is free for the community members, yet the veterinary support for these dogs requires (a lot of) money. 

At HALO we don’t shy away from asking for your help, yet always try to make it worth your while. So check out our latest initiative:

Specially designed, funky, and practical hand sanitizer bottles!!

Enough of the dull, plastic bottles that always get lost in the house or your car. 

During these times, where we are constantly in need of hand sanitiser, these little bottles are very convenient. They are small enough to hook on your belt, pants, bag or key chain so you will never forget them. The bottles are refillable, and the little socks covering the bottles come with two loops so you can hang them up or down, plus a ring to connect to your (car) key chain.

The “socks” carry the beautiful HALO logo plus the logo of one our dedicated sponsors: Remax Wildlife Properties Hoedspruit. 

All profits created by buying these bottles will go directly towards HALO and thus sponsor the well-being of our community dogs.


Bottles are R75 and for sale at JCS the Hoed in Hoedspruit,  or you can order with us directly via email: and WhatsApp 064-065-9814