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Covid-19 has hit the world hard and even more so in the underprivileged communities of South Africa. During the lockdown HALO (Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach) and Humane Society International have delivered a total of 700 Covid-19 relief packages for dogs and their owners in four communities around Hoedspruit, adhering to strict protocols.

Since 2016 HALO has conducted outreach programs in the four communities around Hoedspruit (LeBoeng, Lepelle, Tswenyane and The Willows), offering free veterinary care for community dogs. Due to lockdown the outreach program has been put on hold, but together with Humane Society International Africa, HALO has developed a plan for distribution of relief packages, ensuring the well-being of community dogs in these tough times.


The package contains 5kg of dog food and 2 face masks for the dog owners. Upon handing over of the relief package, the dogs also receive medication for internal and external parasites. HALO has continued running their sterilisation program and emergency veterinary treatment for community dogs during lockdown. 

Spotty is definitely one of our favourite dogs at The Willows. With her unique looks, wriggly little body and her loving personality - she wraps all our volunteers around her paw - ensuring that she gets lots of extra attention and treats. When we first met her, she was a skinny, malnourished pup who grew up into a beautiful young dog with the proper medical treatment and care. Unfortunately, like too many of our community dogs, she was a teenage mom, and once more back to a skinny lactating female. Thankfully her young owner signed her up to be sterilised and she is living her best life now!

Meet Tau, the worst transmissible venereal tumour (TVT) that HALO has seen. His owner, Joseph, walked for several kilometres to try and find help for his beloved dog and brought him to one of our outreaches in The Willows. Unlike most dogs, where the tumours affect "only" the genitalia, with Tau the whole body was affected. Quietly, we explained to Joseph, what needed to be done for the boy and that our efforts may be in vain and if that was the case, Tau would need to be put to sleep to release him from his suffering. It was very clear that Joseph cares deeply for his dog and chockingly he kept saying, we please needed to do whatever we can to help his dog.


Back at the vet, we had a long discussion about the way forward for Tau. Should we put him on treatment or rather euthanize him to avoid any suffering? Nobody had experience in severe and abnormal cases like this. Finally, HALO came to the decision to give Tau one injection of chemotherapy and then monitor him closely. Thankfully he responded beautifully and after his full treatment, he went home a healthy boy thanks to Roxy Tuckey who sponsored his treatment and sterilisation.

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